Concept and direction: Héctor Serrano
Designers: Students of Industrial Design department of UCH-CEU
Photographer: Carles Rodrigo Monzó
Year: 2009

A workshop directed by Héctor Serrano and designed by Industrial Design graduates from the UCH-CEU.

Bread as a social element. “Our Daily Bread” explores the more social aspect of this very familiar foodstuff. Over the course of a week, the designers were transformed into bakers – but bakers with a particular interest in the contexts, situations and behaviours related to bread. The results stem from their observations, with which we can closely identify.

Special thanks to Vicente Trenco Lloris Bakery for their advise and allow us to use their beautifull Bakery.

Designers: Clara Blasco López, Juan Soriano Blanco, Inma Fenech, Reyes Mora, Velasco (al son de dos), Sara Gabarda Alegre, Alberto Silla Morales, Ana Navarro Barber, Laura Blasco Ortí, Daniel Salvador Esteve, Maria Navarro Diego, Carles Rodrigo Monzó, Silvia Córdoba Pérez, Iker Prieto Espuña, Iker Prieto Espuña, Antonio Benlloch Garrido y Marta Guerrero Coloma.