Talk at Habitat Valencia

February 2016

We have been invited by Actiu to participate on a talk focused on Experiencial Design.

Intervention for Mouet

 February 2016

We have participated on "The Beatiful 15", taking Mouet glasses as a starting point.

Soul & Useful Objects

December 2015

Our new collaboration with Mad Lab will be presented next Thursday 3th December at Mad Gallery Madrid.

Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)

February 2015

We have been invited to give a one week workshop and lecture at Hong Kong Design Institude (HKDI) at the end of this month.

Écal Olympic Souvenirs

January 2014

Workshop with Écal students to design new souvenirs for The Olympic Museum. Two of which are selected and will be on sale at the Museum shop.

3D Tales

November 2013

3D printed boxes that reveal popular stories from our childhood. New techniques applied to old concepts. In collaboration with Just Make It.

Bread exhibition in Milan

October 2013

The project “Our Daily Bread” designed by CEU students will be exhibited from 29th Oct at Panino Giusto Academy in Milan. (Via Pompeo Leone 2)

Lecture and workshop in Galicia

September 2013

The DAG (Asociación Galega de Diseñadores) has invited us to participate on “FEED (Foro de Edición e Deseño, 2013)” That will be held on 18th and 19th October in the city of Santiago.

TAPAS at Tokio Designers Week

August 2013

We will take part in TAPAS exhibition. Organized by AC/E and curated by Juli Capella within the frame of “Tokyo Designers Week”, from 26th October at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo.

VLC Souvenir Exhibition

June 2013

A collection of souvenirs that question the stereotyped perception of this objects as "Kitsch". Designed by CEU students. Friday 12th July 20h. Lanube, c/Sevilla 25 Valencia.

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